Artistic Vision with Louise Aug

Starts 2/25, 4 Weeks

Thursdays from 10:30am-12:30pm

Focus on the element of painting and drawing to increase awareness and enrich the sensitivities of which artists are in tune. Your individual translation of experience will grow into a work of art while enriching skills. Fabulon provides a safe and fun environment and Louise will share her own music and poetry.

Class 1:
1.    Warm up/ loosen up to music/ a spontaneous work on paper to demonstrate the stamp of individual
2.    Spend time working with primary colors, mixing and growing combinations

We may get into how colors have meaning used for symbols and icons
3.    Art with contrasts and contrasts and tone of a work of art/ includes layering
4.    Compare how each artist has a natural bent or orientation

Class 2: Black and white studies/ lines- charcoals, markers, pens, pencils
1.    Lines and what they do and say
2.    Participant posing for quick impressions of body movement-stick figures
3.    Poses with added variations of lines and smudges and development
4.    Abstract black and white designs/ figural collages with drawing
5.    Discussion: where do realism and imaginative images come from

Class 3: The muse of poetry and short stories
1.    Draw upon a list of things to include in a drawing which come to you/ express as your own
2.    Art with rock and roll
3.    Art to native and alternative music

Class 4: Musical correspondences for the feel of art and lyricism
1.    Art to classical music
2.    Art with rock and roll
3.    Art to native and alternative music

Cost: $180

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