What really matters? Surprisingly, it is Beauty! True beauty, not the glamour that distracts us these days. Each of us bringing beauty into our everyday live can actually help change the world! Why? Practicing True Beauty helps to shift our culture from competition and greed to one of cooperation and harmony. Join Lisa Lindahl, artist and author of Beauty as Action, for an open conversation/book discussion regarding Beauty:Cosmology vs. Cosmetology. Books will be available for purchase at the event and participants to do NOT need to have read the book prior to event.

Lisa Z. Lindahl is a revolutionary entrepreneur, thought leader, artist, author, and advocate.
What do sports bras and a spiritual philosophy of beauty have in common? Lisa Lindahl.

Solving problems, sussing out mysteries, and looking for new answers are the hallmarks of Lisa Z. Lindahl’s remarkable life – one which has been overstocked with both challenges and triumphs, betrayals and blessings. From Sri Lanka to Vermont, running trails and hospital beds, and many stops in between Lisa has gathered stories and wisdom bits – and now she is inviting us to understand and reclaim true beauty.