August Show Registration

Feeling very inspired by the submissions for Souvenirs of Summer, Fabulon’s first art show. It amazes me that there are so many talented and passionate people taking the risk to put ideas on paper or canvas and share them with the world. In the process of reviewing the submissions, I have been introduced to interesting and hardworking artists. So glad to add these new and emerging artists to our creative space.

The question came up about what it means to be an emerging artist. According to Artnet, emerging artist refers to “someone who is in the early stage of his or her career, but who does not yet have an established reputation among art critics. Emerging artists help shape the dynamic and constantly changing landscape of Contemporary Art. Am I the only one who associates emerging with classic images of butterflies transforming from the chrysalis? So I consulted all of my dictionaries. (As an artist that incorporates words into my pieces, I actually have 8 dictionaries and 3 thesauruses or thesauri.) My preferred definition is “yet to be”. Very poetic.

So I proclaim the official Fabulon definition is any artist regardless of age or experience, style or medium, who has yet to be all they want to be. Welcome to Fabulon. May you continue to explore, expand, and emerge.

Friday 7/24 is the submission deadline for Souvenirs of Summer Fabulon’s first art show. Still time for artists to get their work in at

Click the here to submit your art for the show! 

Thanks, Susan