Our Inner Critic by Sharon Turk

Our Inner Critic by Sharon Turk

I love a good movie as much as a fabulous painting. One that stays with me. Makes me think. Laugh. Cry.

Go see Hector and the Search for Happiness. Visually pleasing. Thought provoking.

Can we find happiness?

Perhaps many are unhappy because they let the inner critic voice speak louder than any other. I once thought that as an artist I should attempt to exorcise the inner critic squawking in my head. Recently, I met a person who specializes in mind work. How the mind works, how to work inside your mind. Intriguing. 

The goal is not to get rid of the critic but to learn how to peacefully coexist. Hmmmm Is that a key to the happiness quest?

I do know that there are places where I feel better. Practices that bring me more fulfillment. People who lift me up.  And oh how I do enjoy pretty things. 

I acquired a new painting. It’s a good painting. It isn’t pretty and at first glance may not seem uplifting. But it sure resonates with all that see it. 

This painting will be a part of Fabulon. I shall use it as a teaching tool. Perhaps for my students, and artists, and guests, it will facilitate a deeper sense of tranquility.

As you may imagine or already be enlightened enough to realize, happiness isn’t a place, possession, or person. 

But Hector can explain it better than I. See the movie.

And come to Fabulon. It is a happy place.




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