I like to ask provocative questions. Here is the query from Fabulon’s recent photography show “A New Take on the Portrait”: How can we use the camera to record document and foster more unity, empathy, and harmony?

The responses were quite motivating. 

  • Capturing moments of happiness between friends/family and strangers helps foster unity no matter the language.

  • By capturing the ephemeral moments that show love, compassion and caring in the world we can create a better feeling of well being in others. This will supplant the feelings of fear and anxiety we harbor from the images we see in the media.

  • Record the images of pain, glee, and family.

  • By taking the WHOLE picture. By being less subjective and more objective.

  • Taking more photos with less judgment.

  • Although a photo is 2 dimensional, it has the capacity to stretch and deepen our emotions. For a moment, two or more people are equal in a page. When one takes time to look they realize we are different but alike at the same time.

  • Document photos of assorted groups of people on Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market in

  • Marion Square. Have individuals pose together who have never met before. People from all walks of life gather there.

  • Take photos of people with adorable animals in them and share on social media.

These last two responses sound like a call for art or a topic for a thesis. Could we really have diverse people pose, introduce any two strangers for the purpose of an image, or get opposing forces to unite long enough to snap a photo? And would it make a difference?  You might think not. I never understood why people would leave flowers at the scene of a tragedy. Then I saw the video of the little boy in Paris. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9bk76nB6Bk

Watch his face. He does feel better. And that is a start. Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe pictures can effect change.

The photography show will be hanging until December 30. Stop in and see what you think. Add a comment of your own.

Have a Happy Holidays!





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