Brittany  by Madison Somerville on exhibition at Fabulon through the beginning of December. 

Brittany by Madison Somerville on exhibition at Fabulon through the beginning of December. 

One of the current gallery shows is all about encaustic, the ancient art of painting with beeswax. Melted beeswax and paint pigment are mixed and used as paint. But as soon as it is removed from the heat source, it starts to cool and harden so in order to achieve marks, lines, or patterns, the wax needs to be manipulated with cumbersome heating elements like a wood burning tool, torch, or flat iron.

This is what I do. Well, what I attempt to do. I thought I was pretty good at my profession. Then I received entries from all over the country. Wow!

Portraits. Carving. Sculpture. There is an artist who sculpts with thread then imbeds it into the wax. I learned some new methods.

There are a two huge pieces that just show the beauty of what melted wax does. And there are 3 little wonders that have so much fine detail.

This show exceeded my expectations. If you are curious, do stop in. I would love to give you a tour.

We also have a small exhibit of music inspired pieces.

There are 3 really high quality photos: people in rock and roll t-shirts and a DJ. Although black and white images give an air of nostalgia, these photos might have been taken yesterday or 3 decades ago when I was in high school. The Black Sabbath jacket looks concert day new.

The composition is excellent with the subject making direct eye contact. Encountering them out of context, the viewer might clutch their purse a little tighter, or even cross the street. But you just cannot judge an album by its cover art.

I met the photographer and her boyfriend the night of the reception. They came all the way from Austin. The moment they walked into the gallery all dressed in black, a short dress, long legs, tattoos, big belt buckle and boots, they had an air of rock and roll royalty. I was instantly drawn to them.

He makes the beautifully crafted leather frames she uses to exhibit her work. They are newly engaged and each other’s biggest fans. They were delightful to talk with, and have bright futures.

The biggest hit of the evening was the British Invasion. Fabulon Resident Artist, Meyriel Edge, from Wales, has a large fan base and collection of friends from the UK residing in Charleston. They all came out to see her latest work inspired, of course, by the Beatles. But the connection is more than national pride. Her paintings are stellar. They evoke the stirring lyrics from Black Bird Singing in the Dead of Night, to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. But the story is deeper: a dear friend recently passed whose memory is tied to the paintings. The friends came to be united, reminisce, and grieve at the same time. Ah, the power of Art.


Tune in soon for guest writer Meyriel Edge who will share her version of this story.



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