April Reflections and Projections...

Seems we were just sent out a post-show newsletter and here is another. But it is just that time is moving so quickly and I really want to share another good collection of art, artists, and some amazing information. Our Back to the Garden show was quite interesting.

Before the artist’s reception, we had an art activity for kids with the ever entertaining and engaging
Deane Bowers. She finds art in everything especially found items she collects that others may call trash. Then she works them into art pieces that are fun and delightful. I met a new friend in artist and teacher, Chelsea Bridges. She kept with our nature them, too. Kids and (Deane) had a blast rolling rocks and pinecones or dipping leaves into paint to reveal lovely images.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 12.41.59 PM.png

We also had some guests with a few informational highlights. Dale Aren is a hard working photographer who finds time to volunteer at the Center for Birds of Prey (http://www.thecenterforbirdsofprey.org/).She turned some x-rays into stunning photographs. At first glance the images are oddly familiar but hauntingly abstract at the same time. Then the reality dawns. She has captured the form of the birds and the tragedy that led to the x-ray. Humans have a direct impact on the well-being of the birds. I learned that throwing an apple core out of the car window is not really effective composting but only serves to attract the scavenger birds dangerously close to the road.
Raquela Thomas came to share with us her work and the beauty of a local horse farm that provides a special service. She is associated with LEAP, (http://www.leapinsc.org/horseshelpinghumanity/), Lowcountry Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Here on a gorgeous plantation on Wadmalaw Island, horses roam in the pastures until they are called along with a therapist, to give comfort and inspiration to people with ADHD or PTSD among other challenges.  Leap has generously invited us to use their farm to host an outdoor painting class for artists on location with the horses and the vista.

We are also scheduling the last session of kids and adult classes before summer is officially here. 
We will have Summer Sessions for 8-13-year-old artsy kids who are interested in high end art class. Perhaps they want a jump start on the portfolio process or more advanced small group opportunities to further their art skills. Spaces are filling up quickly.
We have also had a high demand for summer sessions for younger kids. We have scheduled one week: 7/10-7/14 from 3-4:30pm daily. Send us a message if you need other weeks. We are adding session by request. 

Art Night Out was so much fun last summer that we are bringing it back this summer. For sure will do the silk scarves and the painted wine glass classes, but we have a few new ideas, too. Stay tuned for more details. It will be here before we know it.