The last event Fabulon (at our Wappoo Rd location) went really well. The space was full of interesting people engaged in conversation, deep thoughts, and cross pollinating ideas. A dream come true and a fitting piece of closure.
The event was a conversation with Lisa Lindahl and her book Beauty as Action The Way Of True Beauty And How Its Practice Can Change The World. One big take away was the idea that doom and gloom attitudes fester and spread. Alternatively, positivity brings energy that empowers. Lisa urges us to have a positive intentions even in the darkest of times. Meyriel Edge commented that she feels this is what is happening with “the students”.

Lisa, Meyriel, and I are teachers and we are deeply affected by the news of yet another school shooting. It is the actions of the students across the nation that has restored some beautiful balance to the feelings of dread disaster, and hopelessness.
The thing that breaks you makes you stronger, or activates you into forward motion. 

After the book conversation, many people remarked that this concept applies to Fabulon losing the place we are in. It is very disappointing but truly I feel more positive than sad. 
I feel a sense of accomplishment for a set of goals. There is still more to do and I prefer to focus on the future. When I do reflect, it is with a deep sense of gratitude. It has been a fabulous endeavor.
So many people have expressed their disbelief that we were pushed out of our building. So many wishes of luck and encouragement to go on. We have heard stories about personal experiences people had here and what we have meant to them. We received loads of offers to pack us up and move us out.
We have not yet found a new space. But we will. We will shift to a monthly newsletter and blog posting until there is big news or a special event. It is important to know that although we have left the building, Fabulon is still going to be dedicated to its mission of bringing more art to West Ashley. Big things on the horizon. We will keep in touch.

Thank you.