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Why I Did Not March

Why I Did Not March

So many people called me or sent texts and emails from Portland, Boston, and Charleston. Where was I? Surely, I was marching somewhere.

Almost a year ago, long before the primaries, debates, or elections, I made a commitment to host an event at the gallery.  I kept that promise. So, I was at work on Saturday.

Even though the March is over there is still work to be done. Keep the dialogue and activism going.

If something is of concern, speak up. Offer a solution, idea, preference, or a hope. It does make a difference. So many people express their opinions and commiserate at work, online, and at parties but not to the people we put in charge.

When I was part of a social justice committee in Massachusetts we were told by the secretary to our State Senator “a letter makes my boss nervous, a phone call makes him sweat, and if someone visits I need to get the defibrillator.” We communicated with our officials and visited the state house in Boston on a regular basis.  We asked for input. We expected accountability. We saw change.

Here are some pertinent links:

To receive a text message of your Representatives names and phone numbers, text your zip code to 530-200-2223 

This one helps find everyone:


        US Senator(Senior) Lindsey Graham

         US Senator (Junior) Timothy Scott

US Representative Mark Sanford

State SenatorSC Senate District 42 Marion Kimpson

SC State Representative SC House District 111 Wendell Gilliard


If letters aren’t your way, make a painting, or write a poem.

Come to Fabulon on March 10th for a Drum Circle.

Above all, be kind to each other.