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Floor Polish


A patron who is originally from South America wanted to informed me that fabulon is a brand of floor polish in her country. I did know this but only recently.

Thirty plus years ago my college friend and I bantered about the word fabulon. Anything exciting or awesome or fabulous was dubbed FABULON. It was my favorite word. At that time, I seriously vowed that I would use our word, a word I thought we made up, for my someday future art business.

A year ago I signed a lease on that business. It started as a dull gray box. After a hot July of painting and repair work, we transformed this old space into a bright polished center for art and education. Within a flash, a year has passed. So much has developed in this year. We started with a fabulous Souvenirs of Summer show. I met fantastic artists and forged deep friendships. Fun students came to Fabulon and left feeling enlightened. Fine art was produced and sold here. We formed the West Ashley Arts Initiative to bring more art to West Ashley. All in less than a year.

My friend came to see Fabulon shortly after we opened. While studying our signage, he said. “looks good for floor polish”. He appropriated the word. All along I thought we were so witty and original.

Fabulon has grown into an original and unique place. And my own computer spell check finally recognizes it as my word. I am proud of what it has become and inspired to start our second year of fabulous awesome excitement. Lots of projects on the horizon.

Please accept my most sincere gratitude I have for anyone still reading: for attending shows, supporting the artists and the Arts in West Ashley, for taking classes and entrusting us with your children. Thank you for being part of the Fabulon family.

To my artists: I appreciate you so deeply and find your work to be so engaging.

Associating with you has made me grow as an artist. I hope to continue to do the same for you.

Thank you to Cody of Knitted City who taught me so much about promotion and marketing and getting it all together. If you are thinking of starting a business, see Cody first.

Congratulations to Jirah our executive of social media and marketing. She is the glue that keeps Fabulon together. She graduates this week! She will continue to make Fabulon shine!

There are not enough endearing words to express my gratefulness to Steve who truly is the foundation of Fabulon and also the electrician, painter, plumber, furniture mover, carpenter, advertiser, and supporter. Hope you are ready for round two because we have so much planned!

Tune in to the website or like us on Facebook to see more details.

Starting June 1 until late August, the Gallery will be open for camp, special events, and by appointment only. Call 843-566- 3383 and leave a message.