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Art is Powerful


Riverbed by Hampton R. Olfus, Jr

Riverbed by Hampton R. Olfus, Jr

“Art is powerful”
“Art saved me.”
“Art School was the best thing I ever did.”
“Making art keeps me healthy.”

All of the above statements were spoken at Fabulon in the same day but by different people. I concur.

We are born trying to express ourselves. It becomes a life quest. For many, the best way of communicating ideas, thoughts, or complicated feelings is through some form of art. Dancing, singing, painting, sewing, crafting, sculpting, arranging flowers, drawing, playing music. Ask any artist, something happens when we are engaged in any of the mentioned endeavors. Try something and see for yourself! Don’t wait to be good at it to give it a try. Don’t worry about doing it right, having the best equipment, or being vulnerable. Just play. Remember play? It was the work of childhood. We experimented and experienced. It was all about the process. And we weren’t stressed out.

As adults we started to edit ourselves and become so goal oriented. Goals are great and self critique is important too. But don’t lose sight of the play and the process. Artists have a lament that what we do is called artwork for a reason. And I do work at it but fortunately for me it is closer to the work of childhood. Each time I create something, I feel happier, healthier, and more connected to everything I have ever experienced or learned. I feel rejuvenated and need to channel that youthful exuberance.

Aspiration is like water, it needs a place to flow.*

(*Another great quote I heard on NPR this week from an author who’s name I did not catch.)

April 6th at 6pm People will be gathering at Fabulon to discuss how art can create unity and harmony. Artists, teachers, and civic leaders who are hoping that the arts will flow in West Ashley will join minds and share ideas to see what we can do together to realize the potential of the area that is inclusive and healing because art truly is powerful.
Please join us.