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Mid October News



Mid October News 


Everyday I get to surround myself with stunning works of art created by people with whom I have forged relationships. I know each piece of art intimately like one knows a favorite book, sweater, or other treasured item.


Then along comes Matthew threatening to blow it all away!


So I wrapped, packed, tucked and stowed each piece away. Fortunately all is well. I hope the same for all of you and your treasures.


Poor, poor Haiti. How sad on so many levels. One story that is especially poignant to me: the students are eager to go back to school but many schools are still being used as shelters. In the meantime, children lay out their clothes and schoolbooks hoping that they will dry and be put to use soon. May it be so.


Comparatively anything that may have changed for us here is just a minor inconvenience verses a real problem.


Upcoming Dates


Moja Finale was cancelled. Still waiting a new date.

The last event to happen was the juried art show.

I am ecstatic to tell you that two Fabulon artists received awards!
1. Meyriel Edge 2nd for her portrait of Hampton. The Edges of Olfus 
2. Hampton Olfus Grand Prize for his painting. 
Moving In and Out of the Game with a Smooth Glide

Charleston Arts Festival has been rescheduled for Ocotber 22. This is a ticketed show taking place in the Old City Jail.


Hopefully the Farmer’s Market will not be rained out anymore. Next week October 19

Fabulon is curating a Pop Up Art Show featuring Fabulon artists and other artists from West Ashley.


Downtown Art Walk was moved to this Friday October 14.

Fabulon will be open late, too. Swing on in and see what I see.


Happy Fall,


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