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Not Your Typical Love Story ii

In a love story does it matter who says it first?


As we reflect on this pending Valentine’s Day and prepare for our NYTLS show, I am thinking fondly about my stepmother. When you hear Stepmother do you think of wicked evil women locking children in closets or making them clean the fireplace? She is often portrayed as the villain and not the subject of a love story. This year she is the subject of mine.

When we met, I was still at an age when boys were yucky so the idea that Daddy had a girl friend was really repulsive. But she grew on me. I always imagined that she was some type of saint getting involved with a man with three children. I admired her manners and gentle affect. Eventually, I loved her. By the time I was an adult we even became friends. I then had someone else’s children in my life. I would call to commiserate but she never said anything negative about us.  I knew she loved my brothers and me but it wasn’t her way to express it. I would always end a phone conversation with “I love you” and she would responds with “Me, too.” But she never said it first.

She has been battling Alzheimer’s and we have now called hospice. I was sorting through some memorabilia when I came across the program from her 50th high school reunion. Each member of her class wrote a profile. I was shocked to see that it was full of details about her stepchildren and our children, how happy she was and that, even though we weren’t hers, she loved us so much. She could have padded that profile with tales of her career or her retirement in Florida or the many trips she and my father took. But she wanted to brag about us. We brought her joy.

So maybe it never really matters who says it first but who says it best.

Come see some paintings I’ve been working on based on this thought.

See new work from my esteemed Fabulon colleagues and a few pieces by new friends.

Not Your Typical Love Story reception: Saturday February 11th,

5-8pm with a chocolate fountain.



Our First Anniversary was a Success!

Our first anniversary celebration was a successful Fabulon event. It was so packed, I felt like I barely spoke to anyone as the evening came and went in one fabulous blur. I do truly appreciate everyone who attended and has played a part in Fabulon’s first year story. If I didn’t get a chance to address you personally, I do apologize but am most sincerely grateful.

In case you missed the news, the mayor was at Fabulon! This is kind of a big deal to me. He said he supports the arts. He promised to include West Ashley. He personally told me that he would attend an event sometime at Fabulon.

In this election year it is impossible to escape the quagmire of political banter with it's slogans and recriminations. But our mayor made some promises and followed through on them. That works for me.

The Mayor and Mrs. Tecklenburg’s visit at the start of Fabulon’s second year means that we are being recognized as an entity in the art scene.  We have made a contribution to West Ashley. We are a go to kind of place. We strive to foster relationships and offer opportunities for new and emerging artists. We hope to assist in learning about art appreciation and facilitate art making for everyone. This is a big deal to me. It is my promise to do all I can to continue to grow in this manner.


Here’s some plans for the coming weeks, months, and into next year. Help me spread the word.


Classes are starting now! 

  • Exploring Painting for Adults starts this week. 9/1
  • Creative Endeavors for Kids starts next week. 9/6
  • Painted Furniture Workshop Saturday 9/ 10
  • Encaustic Workshop Saturday 9/24
  • Third Thursday Art Night Out starts 9/16

Our next awesome show features the work of Michael Hayes. He paints large-scale abstract pieces. This is the kind of work I love to show people. It’s the stuff they don’t get at first but then learn to appreciate once they are encouraged to slow down and really study. They grow on you. And he has some smaller works on paper that are very affordable.


In October we will be at the Farmer’s Market, Moja, and we will have a Hip Hop Pop Up show, and be at the Charleston Arts Festival.


Plan to do all your holiday shopping at Fabulon’s Maker’s Market starting in November. Buy Local!

I Live Here photography in December, Not Your Typical Love Story in February, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother in May.

New classes are starting September 1st! See details on the website.

We had such a blast with our Art Night Out that we decided to continue it every third Thursday starting in September. Each week features a different project, no registration or experiences, $20 fee includes all materials and a fun night of art making.

Coming soon: Michael Hayes solo show, "Finding the Form" September 23rd