Souvenirs of Summer

Work will be on display until 10/6, and a portion of the gallery commission from sales will go to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.


Souvenirs of Summer
As summer swiftly comes to a close, we transition to new schedules, rituals, and routines. For some it is a new beginning associated with starting school, but for others it is bittersweet evidence that children are growing up and venturing out. Perhaps our parents are in the autumn of their years. Often we are too busy to savor the fleeting moments. Or maybe we are acutely aware that this is the very moment we will miss.
We asked artists to share their representation of that concept and these queries:
What conjures up a sense of nostalgia? What have you lost?
What do you hold most dear?  For what do you long?
See homage to a different time when children were curious and played freely. There are documents of special places that have changed over time. Witness reminders of all that is precious and ephemeral. 
Each year in late August, Fabulon artists regroup after vacation adventures to show recent work, commemorate the passage of time, and start off the new gallery season. We call this show
This year we welcome some new artists, local friends, and new acquaintances from across the nation.

Works will be on display from 8/14/17 through 10/06/17.
Artists’ Reception on 8/26/17 5:00-8:00pm.

October - December Events:

Two shows, one amazing night, October 21st 5-8pm, come and enjoy the opening reception for Wax Poetic and Tribute.

Wax Poetic: Who could resist such a title, especially since October is Charleston’s first city wide Poetry Festival called Free Verse? Fabulon has curated a juried show of encaustic work with and without Poetry as a component. The main goal is to bring encaustic work to the people. We will show why artists are enthralled with this technique of painting with beeswax and paint pigment.

Tribute: There have been so many tragic losses of great musicians in recent years. Each week it seems another icon from the classical rock era or maker of the epic album has passed. The legacy of poetic lyrics are our only consolation. As part of Charleston’s Poetry festival, Fabulon Gallery will host a show of work inspired by music because it plays such an important role for many visual artists. It’s in our soul, it moves us, and it translates into our images. A certain song can take us to a special time or place in our own history. Sometimes, its just one line from a song, and sometimes, the entire life of the artist. Come see our artists’ Tribute to these musical icons.

The weekend of October 13th: Women Who Go There:  Fabulon is excited to host artists Janet Braun-Reinitz (freedom rider and artist) (US) and Sarah Maple(UK)  as they tour the world with their one of a kind, interactive post card installation, “Ladies Who Go There!”. LADIES WHO GO THERE! is a traveling exhibition consisting of one-of-a-kind collaged postcards with messages on them, and some blank for viewers to fill in.  Participants are invited to join Janet Braun-Reinitz at Fabulon on Friday evening, 10-13-17, 6-7:30pm for a meet and greet with her and to hear about some of her experiences. They are then invited back the following day, 10/14/17, 2-4pm,  to participate in the post card project.  

December 9th, Photography Show and Contest, as well as a pop up "holiday" art sale.  More info coming soon.